Help / F.A.Q.
  • What are the requirements to get Satyatma Vani Live Pravachana?
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 or above.
    Flash Player should be installed.
    Internet Speed should be min.256kbps.

  • I am not getting Video and Audio. What to do?
  • Please reload or refresh the page. Also check your Internet Connection.

  • I am getting double/Twice Audios. Why so?
  • Please check; may be you have opened two browsers/windows.

  • Audio and Video getting struck, when other users are getting good audio and video.
  • May be your Internet connectin is slow, Internet speed should be min. 256kbps.

  • When Pravachana is on Air, suddenly it gets Off Air. why so?
  • Its Technical problem from Live team. It will be rectify immideatly. It will be on Air automatically. You need not do anything.

  • What to do for getting old Pravachanas/Archives?
  • Please click Archives section on top of the page. You will find all old prachanans there.

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